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Solar for Anyone

Looking to setup a small off-grid PV system? Sunergy is a local brand of Solar Panels which are suitable and economical for simple off-grid applications for up to 100W.

JMP-100W-P6-G JMP-100W-M6-G
Version 12V 24V

Electrical Specifications

Power PR 100W
Peak Voltage VMPP 18.3V 36.6V
Peak Current IMPP 5.46A 2.73A
Open-Circuit Voltage VOC 21.9V 40.2V
Short-Circuit Current ISC 6.77A 3.05A
Bypass Diode

In Junction Box

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions (mm)

1018 x 668 x 33.8

Weight (kg)


Temperature Range (ÂșC)

-40 … +80

Static Load Front and Back (Pa)


Front Loading (Pa)



Peak power performance guaranteed for 10 years with maximum power loss of 10%.

Product workmanship warranty for 1 year.

Panel Wattage

35W, 100W

Panel Voltage

12, 24