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Off-Grid PV System

An off-grid solar system is one that does not require a connection to the electrical power grid. Power generated by solar panels is fed into batteries, and optional inverters convert DC into AC to support your AC appliances. 

An off-grid system requires 3 main components, solar panels, a MPPT charge controller and batteries. Other accessories required include circuit breakers and isolators for protection, or even an inverter to convert DC into AC. The usage of off-grid system has to be sized correctly to ensure that it has enough power to be autonomous. 

The Maximum Power Point Tacker (MPPT) charge controller changes the voltage of the solar panels to receive the maximum power at any one point of time. This is to maximize the efficiency of the system. The power is then controlled-fed into the batteries to be discharge by the connected appliances.

Typical backup battery storage is about 3 days. This means that the system will be able to run for 3 days in the event there is not enough sunlight.

Typical applications of these off-grid systems are standalone guardhouses, CCTV cameras, temporary traffic lights, etc.

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